Leonardo Negrão

Software Development

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Every step of a web application, taken care, with modern technologies that offer reliability and scalability.

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Industry standard tools, used by big techs and startups alike, which I use to provide a variety of solutions.

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Find out how I helped companies — as a freelancer, or as a contractor — achieve their goals.

About me

I am a 24 year-old Software Engineer from Brazil, with a variety of experiences in the industry. Since a young age I've been interested in software development, and saw it as a career opportunity when I entered college, pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering.

I started working as an intern in a company that provided a SaaS platform for e-commerce. From there, I also did an internship at Trimble, and at Alura, an online technology school. Those different experiences gave me a lot of baggage quickly, and I learned about front-end and back-end development, as well as infrastructure.

With Alura I grew as a professional, improving soft-skills and, by being an instructor, I found myself in an interesting position: not asking for help, but providing it, while being a Junior Developer. This only improved my capabilities of looking for solutions before looking for help, and gave me more maturity to approach complex situations.

Now, I am good at problem solving and understanding the whole picture, from marketing needs to technical aspects. I worked with large projects, dealing with thousands of users daily, full of integrations and dependencies.

At IPinfo, I work with a globally distributed team, fully remote. I learned how to work with professionals from different cultures and time-zones, and better communicate in a fast and constantly changing environment.

Eventually, with everything I learned as a professional, college didn't make much sense. Using outdated technologies and approaches didn't help me learn anything new. And after three years, I saw that the subjects I would study already were things I would work on daily. Because of that, I dropped out of college and focused on professional opportunities and self-learning.